Lola Waller is available for commissioned paintings of your favorite subjects. Please contact her for more information.

Client Comments:

Hi Lola - we got the picture framed and picked it up today. Absolutely fantastic. I will also forward you a link to a scanned picture in case you want to put it on your website. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this one. Absolutely beautiful!
-- BH

"I always wished I had lived when my favorite authors lived: CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. How I would have loved to join them in their favorite watering hole and shared a tall brew, pipe and visit. Would it be possible to do a painting depicting this? And you did it! I'm so excited and I love it!"
-- (See Commissions Page... "A Mere Pleasure.")

"Thank you for taking time to chat with us. Bill is thrilled with his print and now my sister would like one also."
-- RM

"Thank you for helping make your artwork live in our memories. Your work will be hanging with an original Picasso and an original Whistler."
-- RM

"Hello from the heartland!! Linda and I are thrilled with your "Flagship of Starbucks". We recently renovated a sleeping room and it sits surrounded by a Peter Max and Yamagata's Rainbow. Your Starbucks setting in a neighborhood and a view of the harbor with a tugboat are in the family room surrounded by A.P.'s of Norman Rockwell and an original sketch of Christby Dali, also a signed AP. So you see we do value your artistic acumen. Hope to see more of your works next time in Gig Harbor."
-- DJL

"Hi Lola,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband absolutely loves the painting, too! And I fall in love with it even MORE every time I look at it. Also, after you left Starbucks, the gentleman who was sitting at the table next to us stopped me and wanted to know about your work. I told him all about you. He thought the painting was beautiful, as well. So I passed your website along to him, along with your other contact info. You are so right about "word of mouth" advertising. We wish you all the best with your gifted talent and I know you will be hearing from us again! Take care and have a blessed Christmas,"
-- Stephanie

"My family is in awe at the depth of artistic ability you have been given!! We are so fortunate to be blessed by the sharing of your gift!!"
-- Brenda

“It was with utter amazement that I opened this Christmas gift to find the essence of my daughter captured so completely and so wonderfully by your painting…what a talent you have and now what a priceless picture we get to view each day – thank you.”
-- Todd

"The other day w hen you brought me the painting for my office I had two people stop in and remark on it! Already it is a hit! It is j ust perfect and when I show people around Seattle I will be able to tell them where it is in the city. I love your work! "
-- Anne C.

"My parents are thrilled with your wonderful watercolor. We sisters and brother cannot thank you enough for helping commemorate their 50 years together!"

"Lola, your painting has stitched together the essence of Sound and Sand in such a beautiful way - it is simply breathtaking! I am simply bursting with deep gratitude for your incredible gift of the painting. I am so moved by memories it inspires and also by the beauty of its composition. Truly it is an inspired work of art, Lola. I will treasure it always! With profound gratitude and deep and abiding love......"
-- SM

Lola Waller
Phone: 253-255-1363

Member: Peninsula Art League

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